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Valentines Day!!!

Valentine’s day is upon us and look no further than The Living Earth!  We all want to get something beautiful to show the ones we love just how much we care and appreciate them.  Live plants are the perfect choice for your loved one this year!  Save your money and skip the bouquet of roses that will last a week at best.  Spend that money on a live orchid that will bloom for 3-4 months!  Any of our flowering arrangements will last for months and give your loved one something to look at each day and know you care for them.  We have gifts in ALL price ranges and ALL styles, stop in and see what is beautiful today.  WE DELIVER!!!

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Snow days!

Snow days are perfect greenhouse days!  That’s right folks, pansy season is right around the corner!!!  As we head into the home stretch of winter, we ALL could use a little color and something to look forward to on the horizon.  Here are some pictures of our snow days/week…

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Greens, greens, and more greens!!!

We have everything you need to spruce up for the holidays!  Wreathes, roping, cut greens, specialty cut greens, winterberry bunches, custom cut green arrangements, swags, kissing balls, ribbon, and everything else you could imagine!!!  Not to mention all our indoor decorations and, as always, GORGEOUS flowering plants!