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Gifts For Your Father or Yourself

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Treat your father or yourself to beautiful and imaginative gifts from. The Living Earth! Succulents are really easy to grow! They like lots of sun and dry them out between waterings. Containers for succulent gardens are only limited by your imagination.  Old boots, hollow stumps, or kitchen utensils are only the beginning!

Meyer Lemon bush; citrus are semi-tropical fruit trees, which can be grown in our climate with some TLC. They love to be outside in a sunny location in the summer.  Keep them slightly moist in their pot and feed them. We offer Jobe’s organic citrus food.

Bring them indoors to a sunny window before the first frost.  Reduce water and food for the winter.  Put back outdoors after the threat of frost in the spring.  Citrus flower in spring and summer and the fruit follows.

We have many varieties from which to choose.  Persian and Key Limes, Improved Meyer and Eureka Lemon, Naval, Valencia, and Blood orange, Sunburst and Ponkon Tangerine, Kumquat, and Limequat.

Give it a try!

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